Construction Junction

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Terradime’s 5637 Forbes project commitment to material ‘reuse’ was highlighted by Construction Junction’s ‘deconstruction’ of five former structures at the 5637 Forbes project site.  This commitment was supported, in part, by a $5,000 grant from the Urban Redevelopment Authority to Construction Junction.

5637 Forbes – Walking Score!

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5637 Forbes – a walkable urban treasure to many neighborhood amenities.

Forbes Again Names Pittsburgh “Most Livable City”

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“Forbes Magazine has once again named Pittsburgh its “Most Livable City” in its annual report that looks at cost of living, unemployment rate, income growth and crime rates, among other factors.”

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Terradime Partners with Urban Tree Forge

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Terradime embraces the Urban Tree Forge’s (“UTF”) mission in providing sustainable, quality materials from locally harvested trees.  UTF’s locally harvested wood products are the right approach for 5637 Forbes. Terradime’s buyers appreciated UTF’s sustainable approach – and loved the beauty and quality of the 3/4″ thick, random width and length wood flooring UTF will install at 5637 Forbes.  Terradime has also granted UTF the opportunity to build out a traditional wood paneled lobby with coffered ceilings for 5637 Forbes.  Terradime knows this will be the perfect entry for the building:  sustainable and stunning!

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Terradime & Construction Junction’s “Deep Salvage” a notable success!

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Terradime’s approval to Construction Junction was the first “deep salvage” project it has been able to do after years of lobbying private and public property owners…

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Construction Junction Engaged in “Deep Salvage” Pilot Project

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Construction Junction is engaged in a “deep salvage” pilot project at Terradime’s condominium site!

Construction Junction, a non-profit organization, was established to support and promote conservation through the reuse of building materials. Construction Junction strives to keep usable building materials out of the landfills and provide them to the community at very low cost. Construction Junction specializes in used and surplus building materials and is supported by Pennsylvania Resources Council, the oldest grass roots environmental organization in the Commonwealth.

Deconstruction – Construction Junction is committed to environmental stewardship in waste prevention through the practice of reuse.  Waste prevention and material reuse help to delay entry of items into the solid waste stream.  This practice reduces the burden on landfills, and helps conserve natural resources by reducing the energy and pollution associated with manufacturing.

Reuse – Reuse is different that recycling.  When a material is recycled, it is processed and remanufactured, requiring additional resources and energy to produce a new product.  Reuse is defined as the use of material after its originally intended  purpose, without breaking down into its raw components.

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The Founder of Terradime  was selected as one of ten U.S. delegates to participate in a Study Trip hosted by Presence Switzerland, part of the Federal Department of Foreign Affairs, regarding green innovations and business opportunities between the U.S. and Switzerland, including a tour of several MINERGIE® certified buildings.  MINERGIE® is a sustainability brand for new and refurbished buildings and it is mutually supported by the Swiss Confederation, the Swiss Cantons along with Trade and Industry and is registered in Switzerland and around the world.

5637 Forbes

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Terradime’s website on-line!

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Terradime Launches its website!