Who is Terradime

Terradime is real property development and management enterprise.


Terradime desires to provide the world with sustainable healthy working, living and learning environments by eradicating the toxins that infiltrate such structures, creating an ergonomic environment, reducing greenhouse gas emissions and preserving the earth’s resources and landscape.


Terradime intends to be the world’s leader in designing and developing green structures – all aimed at improving an occupants living, working, and learning environments throughout the world.


Terradime will be a leader in mainstreaming sustainable products and practices in the world market.

Terradime will create 21st Century, innovative, sustainable, facilities that are easily adaptable for posterity.

Terradime will be recognized for quality construction, dedication to environmental practices and a “Best Places to Work” environment.

Terradime will contribute to certain non-profit organs and/or foundations that reflect Terradime’s core principles and values.

Terradime will achieve the best consumer product ratings in the market.